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Looking for Alaska Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

ninety-eight days before

  • The Jury is a faculty-selected group of twelve students—three from each high school grade—that hands out punishment for offenses that do not merit expulsion. The Eagle serves as the judge, and he can overturn the students's verdict (but usually doesn't).
  • Miles arrives early, Alaska nervously arrives later, and the Colonel and Takumi arrive two minutes before the meeting starts.
  • When the four friends face the Jury, the Colonel explains that he and Alaska were smoking by the lake instead of off-campus… a flat-out lie.
  • Outside the Jury room, Miles asks what's going on and wonders why he isn't getting in trouble when Alaska and the Colonel have the most to lose.
  • The verdict is that Alaska and the Colonel have ten work hours and are "one problem away from a phone call home" (98before.22).
  • Relieved that he's not in trouble, Miles is still concerned about the Eagle, who continues to eye Miles like, well, an eagle.

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