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Looking for Alaska Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

fifty-eight days before

  • Miles awakens to Alaska playing video games in his room. She admits to him that she ratted out Marya.
  • Miles can't decide if he trusts Alaska, and he's also a little tired of her unpredictable natureā€¦ none of which stops him from crushing on her hard core.
  • Later and with the help of a few written notes, Alaska tries to get Miles to stay on campus for Thanksgiving.
  • Desperate to have some one-on-one time with Alaska, Miles calls home and tells a mix of lies and truths to his mom, thus garnering permission to stay on campus during Thanksgiving break.
  • The Colonel comes into their room and tells Miles that Sara said she still loved him (the Colonel). And also that Miles shouldn't stay for Thanksgiving just because he wants to make out with Alaska (which he does) because Jake is the only thing that's keeping her anything close to normal.
  • Miles has second thoughts and calls his parents back, but they have already bought tickets to England over the holidays to celebrate a second honeymoon.
  • A little (okay a lot) homesick, Miles stumbles on a solitary walk, feeling like his parents ditched him even though he's quite aware that he ditched them first.
  • Alaska finds Miles at the Smoking Hole, gives him a hug, and says that Thanksgiving will be fine. When he asks why she doesn't go home, she says it's because her home is full of ghosts.

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