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Looking for Alaska Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

forty-four days before

  • Alaska and Miles go to a liquor store to try to get alcohol. Though Alaska claims her fake ID is not great, she seems to flirt her way into getting cigarettes, wine, and vodka just fine.
  • Her mood swings abruptly later that day. As Miles is finishing his English essay, Alaska comes in to his room sobbing—she wonders why she "screws everything up" (44before.16).
  • Miles tries to talk to her, and she explains that she told the Colonel about ratting on Marya and Paul in the car. Predictably, the Colonel responded by flipping out (big surprise) and telling her that he can't trust her; he does take the whole honor and loyalty thing pretty seriously.
  • When Miles asks if she ratted out Marya and Paul because she was afraid of going home, Alaska mentions that, "There's no home" (44before.24).
  • Alaska is convinced she ruins everything, and Miles loses track of what she's talking about. He's confused. Alaska is a confusing person. We agree.

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