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Looking for Alaska Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

the last day

  • That morning, Kevin comes in to Miles's and the Colonel's room with a crew cut of blue hair. Clearly the pranks aren't over.
  • Miles spends the afternoon with Lara, mostly making out. She wants to get a little sexy, but as neither she nor Miles have any experience with anything beyond kissing, the encounter is beyond awkward.
  • The two lovebirds go to Alaska for some sex advice—Alaska laughs until she cries (and so will readers).
  • So Miles and Lara do get a little sexy. Then they do homework. Um, okay you guys…
  • Lara asks Miles why he likes last words so much, and he explains that sometimes they're funny, but they always reveal a lot about who the people were in life.
  • That night, Alaska and the Colonel celebrate their prank by drinking more wine in Alaska's room. Miles just eats pretzels with them because he's not the hugest fan of drinking.
  • Alaska wants to play Truth or Dare, and she dares Miles to make out with her. So they kiss, and Miles uses his newfound skills to touch her breasts, and Alaska falls asleep; as she sleeps, Miles tells her he loves her.
  • Still in the room drinking, the Colonel comments that this will end poorly. Duh.
  • When the payphone in the hall rings, Alaska answers it. She returns sobbing and says she needs to go. She says she forgot something and that she messed up and that they need to distract the Eagle so she can go somewhere in her car.
  • Miles, looking back as he's telling us the story, thinks of all the things they didn't say to her, things like "Don't drive. You're drunk" (thelastday.93) or "This can wait until tomorrow" (thelastday.96).
  • So Miles and the Colonel set off fireworks again to distract the Eagle, and Alaska drives away. Then the two boys go back to their room and fall asleep.

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