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Looking for Alaska Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

two days after

  • Miles doesn't sleep. He thinks about the phone call to his parents he had to make about Alaska's death; he thinks about how she is dead and that he feels "paralyzed into silence" (2after.12) and by fear.
  • When Miles and the Colonel smoke in the bathroom to relieve tension, the Colonel becomes angry with Alaska for being so impulsive and stupid.
  • Miles says they should have stopped her, but the Colonel says that they shouldn't have had to. Fed up with his own thoughts, the Colonel leaves Miles to deal with all the visitors.
  • One visitor says, "at least there wasn't any pain" (2after.35), but Miles feels endless pain.
  • When Lara stops by to ask what happened, Miles tells her that Alaska got drunk, he and the Colonel went to sleep, and she drove away. This becomes that usual response to that question.
  • The school is sending a bus to the funeral.
  • Miles dreams: Alaska flies into his room and he says he wants her to stay, but she says no and then becomes a corpse.

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