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Looking for Alaska Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

twenty-seven days after

  • The Colonel says they need to use the Eagle's Breathalyzer to find out how drunk Alaska actually was. And because they need alcohol as well, the two go to Takumi.
  • Takumi, understandably, is angry with the Colonel and Miles because they left him out of the loop for so long—he says that Alaska was his friend too.
  • Even though Miles and the Colonel are worried about what will happen when Takumi finds out the truth, they vow to tell him everything the next day.
  • Miles goes to the Eagle's house. His job is to keep the Eagle out of the living room so that the Colonel can take the Breathalyzer.
  • To complete the deception, Miles tells the Eagle that the Colonel is having a difficult time with Alaska's death (truth) and with Latin (semi-truth). Despite the Eagle's suspicions, Miles and the Colonel get away with it.
  • Armed with the Breathalyzer and Takumi's stash of alcohol, Miles and the Colonel try to figure out exactly how drunk someone with a blood alcohol content of .24 is. They choose to do this at 2:00AM.
  • Then they hear footsteps. (Remember, the lights are not supposed to be on, but they are.)
  • Miles grabs a cigarette and lights it so that he can cover the smell of alcohol, then he shoves the Colonel's head so that he is hunched over and tells him to cry.
  • The Eagle opens the door.
  • And sees Miles smoking a cigarette after lights out, trying to comfort a hunched over roommate.
  • Incredulous at the reckless nerve of the two, the Eagle says that Miles has to go to Jury tomorrow and then leaves.
  • The Colonel finally hits .24 at 3:00AM—he says it's awful, that the room is spinning. He can't even walk in a straight line.
  • When Miles asks him if he could drive like this, he says no.
  • A little strategic vomit later to avoid alcohol poisoning, the Colonel tries to sleep off the rest.

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