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Looking for Alaska Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

forty-six days after

  • Even though Miles is not interested in talking to Lara, Takumi—ever the conscientious one—persuades him to.
  • Miles goes to Lara's room and apologizes for everything, and Lara, sweet and kind as usual, says that she forgives him.
  • The two walk around the lake and are finally able to talk. Miles admits that he loved Alaska and that's why he's been such a jerk, and Lara says that's not really a good reason, but she understands.
  • That night, Takumi, Lara, the Colonel, and Miles go to the Smoking Hole. Each one throws a cigarette into the water, a ritual Miles approves of.
  • After Takumi says that he's not sure if knowing where Alaska was going would help or make it worse and Lara says she wants to solve the mystery of Alaska's death too, Miles realizes that Alaska wasn't just his—everyone else at the Smoking Hole loved her too.

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