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Looking for Alaska Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

one hundred thirty-six days after

  • The semester ends in less than twenty-four hours, and Miles still hasn't finished his final for the Old Man.
  • He comes back after his precalc test and notices a letter to him and the Colonel from Takumi.
  • In the letter, Takumi says that he saw Alaska on the night of her death; she told him that she needed to put flowers on her mother's grave and that she forgot. He says that he thought she was just looking for flowers; he admits that he let her go too.
  • Miles runs to Takumi's room to tell him he forgives him, but Takumi is gone; Miles realizes that "we had to forgive to survive in the labyrinth" (136after.9).
  • Miles also realizes that even though he doesn't know Alaska's last moments and thoughts, the not-knowing won't stop him from caring.
  • The Colonel isn't back in their room yet, so Miles sits down to write his final for the Old Man. In the final, he writes about several realizations:
    • He first thought that the way out of the labyrinth was to ignore it.
    • He still believes in a Great Perhaps.
    • He will forget Alaska, and she will forgive him for it.
    • He thought she was just dead, but now thinks that part of her "cannot be destroyed" (122after.16).
    • He wishes he could have given Alaska hope so she didn't commit suicide.
    • He forgives Alaska, he knows she will forgive him, and he hopes it's beautiful where she is.

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