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Looking for Alaska Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

one hundred ten days before

  • Miles is able to keep up with his classes, but the Old Man catches him daydreaming and kicks him out of class. Ever the friend, Alaska gets herself kicked out with him.
  • Alaska says the Old Man can't teach, but Miles defends him again, upset because he was in the wrong and because he has never gotten kicked out of class before.
  • Instead of sitting in class, they look for four-leaf clovers instead, and as soon as the bell rings, Alaska, Takumi, and the Colonel take Miles to a bridge over Culver Creek on the edge of campus.
  • Under the bridge (this is the Smoking Hole), they discuss who ratted out Marya and Paul. Alaska has no sympathy for them.
  • She and Miles pseudo-flirt, Alaska always mentioning her boyfriend every time she compliments Miles.
  • When Alaska finishes her cigarette, she explains that she smokes quickly because she smokes "to die" (110before.44).

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