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Looking for Alaska Home

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Home for Miles in Looking for Alaska is Florida with his parents. No wait—it's at Culver Creek. No wait—it's with his friends. Miles's idea of home, like his friendships, shifts and changes based on his experiences. And home isn't just a place for him, but the people and the emotions tied up in the place. Miles has a home. The Colonel, as poor as he constantly advertises, clearly has a home full of love, if not stuff. But Alaska says she doesn't have a home and she never likes to go there, which is a giant clue about what makes Alaska tick.

Questions About Home

  1. Alaska says, "There is no home." What does she mean?
  2. Was it necessary for Miles to leave home to find his Great Perhaps?
  3. What do you think made the dream of a home die for Alaska? Think about events but also the emotions tied to home as well.
  4. Where is home for Miles at the end of the book? What makes you say this?

Chew on This

Alaska is home when she's with her friends.

Home can only be in one place—that is, for Miles, home is either in Florida, or at Culver Creek—not several places.

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