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George Miller Dyott in The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon

By David Grann

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George Miller Dyott

Get Rich or Dyott Trying

Dyott is an explorer from the year 3 A.F. That's "After Fawcett."

Fawcett disappeared around 1925, and it was Dyott who mounted an expedition to find him in 1928. Dyott called his rescue crew the "Knights of the Round Table" (22.20), but the Brazilian government had an, um, less heroic name for this crew: the "suicide club" (22.21). Is Jared Leto in it?

Dyott meets someone named Bernardino, who leads Dyott to the place where Fawcett disappeared. There, Dyott believes the tribe killed Fawcett—and that he plans to do the same to him. Is the man just as paranoid as Fawcett himself could be at times?

There is never any evidence that any Bernardino ever met Fawcett, meaning this alleged man could have made it all up, or that Dyott himself could have. It's just one more reminder that anything could have happened to Fawcett. He, too, could even have been misled down a path leading to death.

Talk about a dead end.

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