Study Guide

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon Chapter 13

By David Grann

Chapter 13


  • Remember James Lynch, who was kidnapped in the Amazon back in Chapter 2?
  • Dude's just peachy.
  • Grann meets Lynch in São Paulo to learn about his escape from captivity.
  • Here's Lynch's story.
  • Lynch is held prisoner for two days by a local tribe.
  • Lynch realizes that four of the five chiefs all defer to a fifth one. That's the guy he needs to do business with.
  • Lynch agrees to give this chieftain everything in exchange for release: boats, equipment, money.
  • The amount of the ransom comes to a whopping $30K.
  • On the way home, Lynch wonders if Fawcett, too, had been taken hostage.
  • Lynch gives Grann some advice: find a top-notch guide with ties to the area and go in quietly.
  • Hmm, beats our plan of yelling and screaming and running in with someone from Peoria, Illinois.