Study Guide

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon Chapter 14

By David Grann

Chapter 14

The Case for Z

  • In 1910, Fawcett is attacked by a group of Guarayos, but he makes quick friends with them with his superhuman charisma.
  • Fawcett's new BFFs show him how to fish and find other food in the jungle.
  • Over the next four years, Fawcett continues hiking through the jungle and making buddies wherever he goes.
  • Until 1914, that is, when a group of natives don't respond well to Fawcett's award-winning charm.
  • Fawcett orders his men to fire warning shots, but some of the men fire at the natives as they flee.
  • Fawcett is so mortified that he hurt local tribesman that he conceals this account for his entire life.
  • That violent incident aside, Fawcett finds the natives peaceful people.
  • Staying with a tribe of Echojas, he is amazed at their ability to find food and medicine. It's almost like they live there or something.
  • At this time, many theologians are wondering if "these dark-skinned, scantily clad peoples were, in fact, human" (14.17).
  • But Fawcett, who knows these people, believes they are capable of advanced thought. He also believes that maybe, just maybe, they once had a great city in the jungle.
  • Many tribes share stories with Fawcett of an ancient civilization.
  • Fawcett's thoughts turn once again to his rival: Alexander Hamilton Rice.
  • Rice has recently secured large amounts of funding and exciting new technology to explore the Amazon.
  • Rice's colleague recently discovered Machu Picchu in Peru.
  • Now Fawcett is dreaming of a city searched for by the conquistadors of yore: El Dorado. He worries Rice will find it first.