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The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon Chapter 20

By David Grann

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Chapter 20

Have No Fear

  • On February 11, 1925, Fawcett, his son, and his son's friend leave Rio for São Paulo.
  • There, the dudes get a little partying in during the last night of Carnival.
  • From there, the men travel to Cuiaba, the "stepping off point" to the jungle (20.19).
  • In Cuiaba, Raleigh reminisces about home when he meets an American missionary who has several issues of Cosmopolitan magazine.
  • Fawcett, meanwhile, hears news of Rice's historic achievements, such as taking photographs of the jungle from his plane.
  • Although Rice has praise heaped upon him, Fawcett is glad that his rival has not found Z.
  • In April, Fawcett hires some guides and takes the trek into the jungle.
  • Fawcett is so excited that he rides ahead of the group. The men soon lose sight of him and fear has been taken hostage by a tribe.
  • Fawcett is fine. He doubles back and rejoins the group. They stick together as the jungle becomes more treacherous.
  • When the men meet tribes in the jungle, the natives turn out to be friendly.
  • The men dance and party and eat and feel rejuvenated…except for Raleigh, Jack's friend, who is fragile and sick. He is unraveling much like Murray did years before.
  • Fawcett attempts to talk Raleigh into returning to civilization with the guides, but Raleigh insists on staying.
  • The guides return. Fawcett, Jack, and Raleigh prepare to continue their journey alone.
  • Fawcett writes a letter to his wife: "You need have no fear of any failure" (20.74).
  • Famous last words. Literally.

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