Study Guide

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon Chapter 24

By David Grann

Chapter 24

The Other World

  • Nina Fawcett, herself with one foot on death's doorstep—she's so gosh darn old by this point—consults a variety of psychics to find her husband.
  • The psychics about as effective as Miss Cleo: not one bit.
  • Nina decides to do something actually tangible and give her son, Brian, all his father's papers.
  • Brian, who better be glad his dad didn't pick him for the expedition, roots through all of these papers and publishes a book of his writings.
  • Mom is proud of Brian. At least one of his parents is.
  • Brian later flies over the Amazon and drops a bunch of leaflets that have Jack's picture on them. It's like dropping milk cartons into the jungle. Have you seen this man?
  • Brian's 1950s Amazonian amber alert is unsuccessful.
  • On a flight, Brian sees an optical illusion like the one Grann saw back in Chapter 21.
  • Brian wonders if his father even suspected Z existed at all.
  • Perhaps it was a spiritual quest more than a literal one?
  • If that's true, then Fawcett found the spirit world—although maybe not the way he would have wanted.