Study Guide

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon Chapter 25

By David Grann

Chapter 25


  • Some people believe that Fawcett is still alive today; he's just transcended into another dimension.
  • We call it cray-cray. In Brazil, they call it louco-louco.
  • In the Kalapalos village, Grann considers giving up. He'll never find Z, especially if it's in another freaking dimension.
  • But first, Grann wants to speak with one more person: an archeologist named Michael Heckenberger.
  • Heckenberger lives with the Kuikuro, near the place where James Lynch had been kidnapped in 1996.
  • Because this is the final chapter, and we need drama, off these dudes go.
  • Grann gets lost for a bit, but considering the fact that he wrote this book, we know he'll make it out okay—and he does.
  • The Kuikuro are friendly, and the chief suggests that fierce natives killed Fawcett.
  • Grann believes that is looking very likely.
  • Heckenberger shows up and welcomes Grann and company to the village. He has something very important to show Grann.
  • Heckenberger takes Grann into the jungle and shows him grooves in the ground, which he believes are evidence of an ancient wall and moat.
  • Heckenberger has found evidence of walls, bridges, and roads, indicating a very advanced civilization that existed from approximately 800—1600 C.E.
  • But where are these people now?
  • Heckenberger thinks the people were killed by diseases from explorers. He also believes that their city, made from organic materials, deteriorated quickly in the fierce jungle.
  • Grann returns to the Kuikuro village, where the villagers dance and play music.
  • Heckenberger says, "You can see the past in the present" (25.84).
  • For a moment, Grann is at peace—or maybe he's exhausted and hallucinating—and he imagines that "I could see this vanished world as if it were right in front of me. Z" (25.85).
  • The end.