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The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

The Secret Papers

  • In England, David Grann tracks down as many of Fawcett's descendants as he can.
  • Maybe they have more to share about Fawcett's route to Z.
  • Grann locates one of Fawcett's grandchildren, Rolette de Montet-Guerin.
  • Grann and Rolette have tea and chat, then Rolette drops a truth bomb.
  • Rolette tells Grann that Fawcett wrote many things "to throw people off the trail" (9.11). She decides to show Grann her grandfather's diaries and logbooks.
  • Like most diaries, they're filled with bad poetry.
  • However, in later entries, Fawcett writes extensively about Z.
  • Grann locates coordinates for Fawcett's final camp that are different from the coordinates Fawcett published.
  • Before Grann leaves, Rolette shows him the last item she has from Fawcett's expedition: a gold ring that somehow showed up in a Brazilian shop.
  • Rolette took the ring to the psychic who told her "it had been bathed in blood" (9.28).
  • Whatever happened to good old-fashioned jewelry polish?

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