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The Lovely Bones Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • It's fall, 1974. Lindsey's back in junior high, now grist for the rumor mill. On top of being Susie's sister, she's also the daughter of the crazy guy.
  • Clarissa and Brian are responsible for spinning that rumor. Good thing they're now at Fairfax High School.
  • Ray and Ruth (also at Fairfax) listen to them talking nonstop about Susie and her dad, using it for popularity. Susie notes that Brian and Clarissa are now having sex.
  • Buckley is in kindergarten now, and he's in love with his teacher.
  • Abigail is internally rebelling against the monotony of household tasks and dreaming of Len Fenerman.
  • Jack is back home, his knee healing, resisting his urge to go after Mr. Harvey.
  • He plays with Buckley and Holiday in the yard, and he's set to go back to his accounting job on the 2nd, after Thanksgiving. He's isolating himself and feels Abigail drifting away.
  • One day, Jack, Buckley and Holiday accidentally burst in on Lindsey in the bathroom. She's trying to shave her legs.
  • After sending the boy and the dog away, Jack gives her some leg-shaving advice. They also talk about his suspicions of Mr. Harvey.
  • Lindsey understands that if something of Susie's could be found at Mr. Harvey's house, that would help prove his guilt. She says, "So you'd want to be able to get into his house?" (13.81).
  • He says, "You should finish shaving, honey" (13.83), but Lindsey understands what he's communicated to her. He wants her to do it.
  • It's the Monday before Thanksgiving, and Grandma Lynn, watching Abigail do the dishes, realizes she's having an affair and makes her go for a walk with her.
  • Lynn tries to make her give up the affair, but Abigail won't admit to having one.
  • On the way home, Abigail smells "foreign cigarettes" (13.155) and follows her nose, while Lynn walks home.
  • Abigail finds Ruana Singh smoking outside the Singh house. She bums one of her smokes and they talk.
  • Ray is upstairs, reading and thinking of Susie.

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