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The Lovely Bones Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • Mr. Harvey's remembering shoplifting with his mother as a child. Sometimes they got caught.
  • They robbed fresh roadside graves together.
  • He realized early that being a woman and being a kid are "the two worst things to be" (15.24).
  • When he first sees Lindsey running from his house he panics, but then calms down the way his mom taught him.
  • He drops the bloody knife and his "trophy bag" (15.26) down a hole he'd drilled in the foundation. The he calls the cops and reports the break-in.
  • Jack tries calling Detective Fenerman, but can't reach him. He learns the police are already at Harvey's.
  • When Harvey fails to tell them about the missing drawing, they almost arrest him.
  • But he pretends he didn't notice it missing, and shows them another drawing like it.
  • He says he was trying to figure out how Susie had been killed, and he got the idea of the hole.
  • The cops buy this, and tell him that Fenerman will come and ask him more questions later.
  • Meanwhile, Abigail picks up Buckley, then stops at a pay phone to call Len Fenerman and tell him to meet her at the mall.
  • At the mall, she lets Buckley stay at the supervised play circle, much to his joy.
  • While the cops are questioning Harvey, she's following Fenerman down into the "inner workings of the mall" (15.55).
  • As they kiss, Mr. Harvey packs, Buckley makes a friend, Lindsey and Sam kiss, Lynn drinks, and Jack stares at the phone.
  • Mr. Harvey splits town, while Abigail and Fenerman make love, Abigail's temporary respite from her broken heart.

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