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The Lovely Bones Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • At the winery, Abigail finds a message for her from Lynn saying there's an emergency.
  • She calls the hospital and learns of Jack's heart attack. She gets on the next plane to Philadelphia.
  • At the stopover in Chicago she calls Lynn to tell her she's coming, and she looks at Susie's picture for the first time in eight years. She leaves the picture by a tree outside the airport.
  • Samuel, Lindsey, and Buckley meet her at the airport. It's awkward. When Lindsey tries to talk to her, Abigail tells her, "I lied to you" (19.56).
  • In the car, Buckley tells her, "F*** you" (19.61), and she can see how angry he is.
  • When Abigail sees Jack in the hospital room, she starts crying. He jokes that he had the heart attack to get her home.
  • He tries to touch her face, but can't. So, she rests her check in his hand.
  • Outside the hospital room, Lynn takes a message from Len Fenerman from the nurse, before she can take it in to Jack. It's a message saying he'll come see Jack soon, with well wishes.
  • Lynn stashes the note in her purse.

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