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The Lovely Bones Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • While Jack and Abigail are reuniting, Mr. Harvey is at a shack in the woods in Connecticut.
  • He once killed a waitress in there, buried her body under the ground, and used her tips to buy pants. Her grave has been dug up.
  • Fenerman is holding the evidence bag with Susie's Pennsylvania keystone charm inside it. He wants to give it back to the Salmons even though it's against the rules. He heard Jack was in the hospital and thinks the charm will help him get well.
  • Abigail buys flowers from a girl in the parking lot and brings them to Jack's room.
  • Then, she goes to a diner and eats, deciding to go back to California after visiting Jack.
  • Back at the hospital, about 10pm, she watches her sleeping husband and realizes how much she loves him.
  • She falls asleep around midnight. Two hours later, the rain starts. It's also raining in Susie's heaven and in Connecticut where Harvey sleeps in the shack.
  • He's dreaming of Lindsey in her soccer jersey, running from his house, as he always does when "he [feels] threatened" (20.36). Right now he feels very threatened.
  • Two hours later Jack wakes up, thinks about Lindsey and Buckley, and watches Abigail sleep.
  • Susie comes into the room, but she isn't sure if they will be able to see her.
  • Abigail wakes up when Jack starts talking to Susie. She lies on the bed with Jack.
  • He tells Abigail he thinks Susie was in the room. They make up, and she agrees to stay home.
  • They kiss and cry together.

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