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The Lovely Bones Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • After the hospital, Susie watches Ray sleeping, and thinks of the first and only time he kissed her, by her locker at school. She wishes she could kiss him again.
  • The next day, Ruth and Ray head for the sinkhole.
  • Around the same time, Fenerman is going to the hospital and gives Jack and Abigail Susie's charm.
  • He tells them that they've been able to connect Harvey with other murders. Abigail hadn't realized that Harvey actually is Susie's killer.
  • She asks Fenerman to leave, and Jack thanks him for the charm.
  • Next, Susie watches Mr. Harvey driving.
  • He'd forgotten the girls and women he killed, but lately they are all coming back into his mind. Susie wonders when he'll remember her.
  • Ray and Ruth watch the sinkhole, and Ruth tells Ray she wonders if Susie's body was dumped here. Susie cheers from heaven at Ruth's correct guess.
  • Ruth feels Susie and talks to her.
  • Susie can see Mr. Harvey driving on the road toward the Salmon house, and she can see Lindsey inside the house, alone.
  • When he's almost there, a cop stops him, and asks him to leave the neighborhood, so he does.
  • Ruth and Ray are standing next to Ray's car when Ray goes into some brush to pick flowers for his mom.
  • Then, Mr. Harvey is driving toward the sinkhole, remembering that he'd put a dead body there.
  • He drives past Ruth. She sees all the women he's killed, and then passes out.
  • At the same time, Susie "[falls] to Earth" (21.161).

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