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The Lovely Bones Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • When Susie flees from Earth, she touches Ruth Connors, a school friend.
  • Ruth has a dream about it and tells her mom, but her mom thinks it's silly.
  • Ruth looks at Susie's yearbook pictures.
  • One days she sees Susie's friend Clarissa flirting and smooching with Brian Nelson in the hall.
  • Then, Ruth breaks into Clarissa's locker and steals a scrapbook with pictures of Susie in it.
  • Susie watches her mom from heaven, and remembers taking a picture of her mom, which showed a secret side of Abigail, which nobody had ever seen.
  • Susie watches from heaven as her sister wakes up in the night and begins looking at Susie's stuff. She watches her find the picture of their mom's secret.
  • On December 23, Susie watches as her dad thinks of her while looking at his collection of ships in bottles, many of which Susie helped him with. She watches him smash them up with a baseball bat, and he sees Susie's projected reflection in each piece of glass.
  • Then he goes into Susie's room and starts crying on her bed. Her little brother Buckley finds him and comforts him.
  • Susie's dad gets very confused, blurring Buckley and Susie in his mind for a few moments.

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