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The Lovely Bones Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • For a minute, Susie wishes her dad would go kill Mr. Harvey. She can feel her father's intense guilt over not having protected her.
  • She watches him try to comfort Lindsey, but Lindsey doesn't want his help. She watches him call Detective Fenerman and tell him he thinks Harvey knows something.
  • Fenerman goes to Harvey's and finds him odd, but not suspicious.
  • Harvey is at work building dollhouses (that's how he makes his living). When Fenerman asks about the tent, Harvey says he builds it for his late wife Leah, every year, usually inside.
  • Fenerman feels bad for him. Harvey tells Fenerman to talk to "the Ellis boy" (5.60) who has been accused of hurting neighborhood animals.
  • When Fenerman calls Mr. Salmon, to tell him about it, Mr. Salmon says he heard that Mr. Harvey's wife was named Sophie. But Fenerman is sure Mr. Harvey said "Leah."
  • Mr. Salmon writes both names in his notebook, unwittingly starting "a list of the dead" (5.81).
  • On Christmas, Mr. Salmon and Lindsay are playing Monopoly when a boy, Samuel Heckler, comes to visit Lindsey.
  • Mr. Salmon begins teaching Buckley the rules of Monopoly. He also tells him that Susie is dead, though Buckley doesn't really understand. He gives him Susie's Monopoly shoes, and Buckley keeps it on his dresser until it mysteriously disappears.
  • Meanwhile, Lindsey and Samuel are in the kitchen and Samuel gives Lindsey a present – half of a gold heart. The other half is on a cord around his neck. Then Lindsey kisses him.

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