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The Lovely Bones Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • Two weeks before her murder, Susie gets to school a little bit late, and she's sneaking around behind the stage to avoid getting caught by the hall monitor. Suddenly, she hears Ray Singh – gorgeous, from India – tell her she's beautiful.
  • He's up on the scaffold, skipping class, and he talks her into joining him. Just when they are about to kiss, they hear some teachers come onto the stage. They hear them talking with Ruth Connors.
  • She's in trouble for drawing a realistic nude for art class. Someone had made a copy of it and passed it around. Susie and Ray had seen it, and it was really good. Ruth tries to defend her right to draw realistically.
  • After the teachers finish hassling her, they leave. Ruth starts crying. Susie comes down to comfort her.
  • Ruth shows Susie her amazing sketches, and they become friends.
  • After Susie's death, Ruth spends lots of time in the cornfield, in the early mornings. One day she meets Ray there, and they become friends.
  • One day, Susie watches from heaven as her dad goes to Ray's and meets his mom Ruana.
  • He tells Ruana he knows Ray didn't have anything to do with it, he just wants to talk to him.
  • He tells her he suspects George Harvey. Ruana says that if she were him, she'd find the evidence and then kill him.
  • Meanwhile, Detective Fenerman is waiting for Jack Salmon, Susie's dad, with Susie's mom, Abigail.
  • He tells her he thinks they'll catch Susie's killer. He also tells her she reminds him of his late wife. Soon, Jack Salmon arrives; she and the detective begin to talk to him.

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