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The Lovely Bones Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • Susie watches as Buckley, his friend Nate, and Holiday the dog run up the stairs.
  • Buckley tells Nate he can see Susie, and that Susie talks to him and kisses his cheek.
  • Buckley takes Nate into her room. After her death, Holiday finds Susie's stash of private stuff, and has strewn the items around the room.
  • Now Buckley finds a bloody twig she'd saved two years before.
  • (Flashback)
  • Susie is babysitting Buckley. He gets a twig stuck in his throat and starts chocking.
  • She'd grabbed the keys to her dad's Mustang and drives him to the hospital, saving his life.
  • She saves the twig as a memento.
  • Her Grandma Lynn says she will live long as a result of her heroics.
  • But Grandma Lynn wasn't right at all.
  • In heaven, Susie sees a line of crows, holding twigs in their beaks. When she leaves the gazebo (where she watches Earth) to go back to her and Holly's duplex, the crows follow.
  • She wonders if Buckley can really see her.

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