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Lucy: A Novel Betrayal

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Lucy features a few really juicy sexual and romantic betrayals—you know, the ones that make for an awesome hour of TV drama. These betrayals end up rocking the worlds of some of the novel's characters so we can hardly underestimate their importance. At the same time, betrayals by family and friends seem to play an even bigger role in our main character's experiences. As Lucy shows, betrayals are never pretty, but they can end up revealing a whole lot about the people around us—and ourselves.

Questions About Betrayal

  1. Why is Lucy so quick to minimize or shrug off sexual infidelities?
  2. Lucy has witnessed the consequences of betrayal both in her own family and in Mariah's family. Yet this doesn't stop her from committing some betrayals of her own. What's up with that?
  3. Mariah doesn't seem to see Lewis's betrayal coming. Why not?

Chew on This

Good intentions are sometimes at the source of betrayals in Lucy.

Lucy suggests that betrayals by family and friends are far more hurtful than betrayals by lovers.

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