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Lucy: A Novel Lust

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Warning: Lucy may make you blush (you might even turn fifty shades of red). The thing is, Lucy isn't at all hesitant about opening up to us readers about her very, uh, active sex life. At times, it's even a little tough to keep all of her various lovers straight. Some of Lucy's rather unconventional attitudes toward sexual activity may even end up shocking some of more reserved readers (intrigued yet?). One thing's for sure: Lucy manages to defy many common beliefs—or at least many common beliefs circulating in American culture—about passion, sex, and love.

Questions About Lust

  1. How would you describe Lucy's attitudes toward physical intimacy and sex?
  2. Do you find Lucy's approach to sex surprising? Troubling? Admirable? Would your reaction to her sexual exploits be any different if she were a guy (be honest!)?
  3. Do you buy Lucy's insistence that she doesn't love any of the dudes she's sexually involved with? Is Lucy afraid of love and intimacy and, if so, why?
  4. What role do you think Lucy's upbringing has played in her views about sex?

Chew on This

Sexual experimentation plays a central role in Lucy's search for identity.

Lucy suggests that sex isn't really the big deal others make it out to be.

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