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Mrs. O'Neill (Mom) in Luna

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Mrs. O'Neill (Mom)

If the O'Neill family were made up of countries, Mrs. O'Neill would definitely be Switzerland. This woman is so neutral about family matters that sometimes, it's pretty detrimental. She seems not to want to be involved with family drama because she wants to stay out of trouble and not have any more on her plate—Mrs. O'Neill is typically seen on the phone around the family because she's so busy with her work. She doesn't have much time to engage and seems harried and upset by her husband's requests. Even when Luna comes out as trans and reveals herself to the family, Mom doesn't react:

"I said, shut up. Listen to me, for once. Liam needs you. Luna needs you." We all need you, I didn't say. We always have. (24.75)

She doesn't step in to help Luna when her dad is prepared to hit her, and she doesn't seem to really care that Luna is transgender. In fact, according to Luna, she's known all along and hasn't done anything about it. She's tried to hide the fact that Luna is transgender because she doesn't want conflict in the household. She hasn't tried to bring their dad around or explain it to him. She's just trying to stay out of everything.

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