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Luna Family

By Julie Anne Peters

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Yeah, I loved her. I couldn't help it. She was my brother. (1.23)

Family bonds and loyalty should survive everything—even a gender change. Too bad their dad didn't get that memo.

It happens so fast it's a blur. Dad clutches Liam's hand and almost wrenches his arm from the socket. He yanks Liam toward the house. I hear Dad snarl under his breath, "We're going to have a talk, young man." (3.27)

Liam's relationship with his dad has always been a bit fraught; after all, his dad seems pretty convinced that he's going to make a normal "young man" out of his son.

I mean, who had time for a hundred friends? Sometimes I felt as if my brother and I shared one life. His. We were both disembodied hollows. (4.16)

Even though there's a difference in age, Regan and Liam are kind of like twins. They share everything, do everything together, and even feel each other's pain and suffering.

Elise and David Matera were the parents I wished I had. I'd been babysitting for them since I was twelve, and hoping any day now they'd adopt me. (6.1)

At home Regan's parents are always fighting, ignoring their kids, or delivering stupid jokes at the breakfast table. No wonder she's so enamored with the Materas, who actually talk to their kids and go on romantic dates.

What was with her? What was with him? All of them. They were psycho. Freaky. (7.28)

These are pretty typical teenage feelings to have about one's family. Regan's starting to see her family as a bunch of weird aliens that she cannot relate to.

Liam jumped in. "I need to do this alone, Dad. You understand." (10.32)

Instead of accepting Liam for his unique interests, Dad only really trusts and accepts Liam when he's doing manly and acceptable things, like weight-lifting at the YMCA. That's the only reason he's letting him go out, after all.

Liam let him know how involved he was going to be in that little father/son project by going out and buying himself a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. Brand new. (12.2)

So much for father-son bonding time. Liam would probably much rather go bra shopping with his dad than build a car from scratch with him. His dad can't accept this though, and feels hurt and betrayed.

Then he lifted his head and said the weirdest thing: "Dad is my hero. Doesn't he know that? I feel like I spend my whole life trying to prove it." (12.113)

Even though their relationship is difficult, Liam still wants to gain their dad's approval. He may want to grow up to look like his mom, but he still wants to be loved and accepted by his dad.

I had the strongest urge to run to Dad and hug him, the way I used to. To hold onto him, feel him lift me in the air and make me fly; spin me around until we were both giddy with glee. Daddy's girly whirligig. (14.36)

Things are getting pretty complicated in the household with a couple of hormonal teenagers running around and such. The relationship with Regan's dad isn't as simple as it used to be—she can't just twirl around in his arms and feel secure anymore.

Our eyes held for a long, hard minute. Then, folding her arms around herself, Luna added, "We'll end up hating each other." (26.94)

The sad truth is that Regan and Luna's dad may never come around. He may always be mad at Luna for taking away the son that he wanted and never see her as a true daughter. This is a risk that Luna has to take.

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