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Luna Jealousy

By Julie Anne Peters

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Advanced Placement Physics, I noted with more than a twinge of resentment. He couldn't share a few IQ points with his only sister, could he? (2.24)

Of course Liam has to be the smarter one. Regan just has to be in the shadows, always keeping her sibling's secret and staying out of the way.

Dad said to me, "You need to sleep. Girls have to get their beauty rest."

Liam's eyes met mine. I expected him to smirk or something, but instead he glared. (2.30-31)

Dads can sure be annoying sometimes. Instead of recognizing that their dad is kind of being a sexist pig, Liam is just jealous because Regan gets all the girly attention in the household.

Well, duh, Regan. That's exactly what he wanted. It's what he's always wanted. If Liam could wish for one thing in the world, one birthday present, he would ask to be born again. Born right, in the body of a girl. (2.125)

Liam can't help but resent Regan for something that she simply cannot change—that Regan gets to go through life in a girl's body. Because her gender identity conforms with her physical sex, Regan is comfortable in her body and at peace with her own gender.

"Damn you, Liam." I wheeled around and kicked the wall. Then cursed myself because I think I broke a toe. (9.129)

Seriously. It's hard to have a transgender sibling because sometimes you promise you'll go shopping with her, and then a hot boy asks you out and you have to say no. You know what we mean?

My brother was a black hole in my universe. He was sucking the life right out of me. It seemed as if I was being pulled into this crater by a force I couldn't fight. (14.4)

That's a tad melodramatic, Regan. It is pretty annoying that you can't have your own life because your sibling takes up so much time and emotional energy, though.

He was always there, invading, interfering ruining my chances for any kind of ordinary existence. It was always him, his needs, his wants. What about what I wanted? (19.34)

Liam is always bugging Regan to go shopping, or to help him pick out an outfit in the middle of the night. He doesn't seem to really care that he's cutting into her social life or that she hardly gets enough sleep anymore.

"Yes, Re. I'm always in here crying on your shoulder, asking your advice, taking up your time. It isn't fair to you. All these years, I haven't been fair to you." (23.44)

Even though Regan totally bails on Luna when Hoyt is picking on her, Luna forgives her because she knows that Regan has done way too much already. All this time, Regan's been pushed to the side.

I was suddenly angry. Here I was with this incredible guy who made me feel special and bought me dinner and took me to a movie and wanted to spend time with me and all I could think about was what my brother was doing, what he was thinking and feeling. (25.58)

Ugh—even when Luna isn't deliberately trying to ruin things for Regan, she has a hard time thinking about anything but her sister. It seriously is all about Luna all the time, isn't it?

"Yeah, you," I snarled. "It's all about you. It always is." (26.77)

There's always that resentment bubbling under the surface. Even though Regan's wanted to be there for Luna this whole time, she can't help but feel left out.

"I know who you are," She said. "You're my baby sister, Regan. My beautiful baby sister. I've always been so jealous of you." (26.133)

Regan may not think much of herself—she is always characterizing herself as awkward and uncertain—but Luna sees her as much more. She sees her as the girl that she always wanted to be.

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