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Luna Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Chris doesn't show up to chemistry the next day, which is obviously a huge bummer for Regan.
  • On Saturday morning Aly comes over and asks if Luna and Regan want to go tubing. Regan has to go to work, though.
  • When she gets home at seven, Liam is freaking out because he wants to go shopping already.
  • Their dad stops them though, and tells them that they have to stay home.
  • Regan lies and tells him that they're going to the Y to work out, so he lets them leave and they scurry out to the car.
  • On the way to the mall Liam has second thoughts while in the car, but Regan convinces him that if Teri Lynn can do it, Luna can too.
  • They get out of the car, ready to rock 'n' roll. Go team.

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