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Luna Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • Regan waits outside the bathroom at Sears while Liam transforms into Luna—when she comes out, she looks really pretty.
  • They go to the Gap, where Luna asks for a shirt in another color and the clerk practically physically recoils from her. Uh-oh…
  • Luna's determined to keep going though, so she heads over to Blockbuster and goes on ahead of Regan.
  • As Regan's hurrying behind her, a bunch of thirteen-year-old boys start heckling Luna and calling her a "fag."
  • Regan has a flashback to Liam when he was younger and how upset he was when Hoyt Doucet called him a "fag" as a kid.
  • Regan calls over a security guard and the mean kids scatter, then she leads Luna over to the bathroom so that she can change back into her Liam clothes.

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