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Luna Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Of course their dad finds out that they lied about going to the Y and grounds them—he even takes away the keys to Liam's car.
  • In class, Chris is missing again, which is like, the worst as far as Regan is concerned.
  • After school, Aly is hanging out in their basement; Regan can totally tell that Aly has a thing for Liam, which is pretty hopeless (duh).
  • Thank goodness their dad doesn't ban Regan from working, because she at least gets to go babysit and take her mind off of things—while she's watching the kids, she thinks back to what happened at the mall.
  • When Regan goes to class, she finds out that Chris dropped the class without even telling her. She gets the choice to work with Hoyt, but instead opts to work completely alone. Good choice, Regan.
  • At breakfast on Wednesday, Dad says that he ran into Coach and learned that Liam isn't working on a conditioning program at all. Awkward.
  • Liam flees outside, but their dad confronts Regan and asks her what's going on with her brother. Of course she can't let the cat out of the bag, so she just feigns ignorance.
  • She gets dropped off at school and when she's walking down the hallway, Liam accosts her and asks her if they can go shopping again on Saturday. She says yes to make him happy, even though she insists that he buy her lunch this time. Mm… pizza.

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