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Luna Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • In a flashback to their granddad's funeral, Regan remembers how their Grandpa used to pick on Liam for being a sissy and their dad stood up for him.
  • She also remembers how Dad once got into a fight with Mr. Doucet after Hoyt had picked on Liam.
  • Somehow they manage to sneak out on Saturday even though they're both grounded; they go to Taco Bell so Liam can change clothes and present as Luna.
  • While Regan is waiting outside the bathroom keeping watch for Liam, she runs into Chris. They banter a little bit and flirt, per usual.
  • He tells her that he meant to say that he was dropping chem, but that he needed to do so in order to stay on the football team.
  • They're flirting when Chris asks her what she's doing there, and she says she's waiting for someone. It's obvious that he thinks she's with a guy and leaves.
  • When they sit down to eat, a lot of people stare and give Luna strange looks. She's as happy as a clam though, and is exhilarated by the experience.
  • They walk around downtown and go shopping, even though people are gawking at them.

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