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Luna Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • That night Regan can't really sleep because she's upset about what happened with Chris. She thinks that it's all Liam's fault, and that she can't have a normal life because her loyalty is to protecting Liam.
  • She decides that she's going to go tell Chris that she's dealing with personal stuff, but when she gets to the gym, she can't say anything.
  • When Regan gets home from school, she silently freaks because the basement door is open. Is their dad snooping through Liam's stuff?
  • There doesn't seem to be anything out of order though, and dear old Dad just starts asking Regan about Liam and what's going on with him.
  • He asks her if Liam is gay and if he's dating girls. Regan tells him no because Liam really isn't gay, after all—he's transgender (not that she's going to say that).
  • When Liam gets home that night, he shows Regan a picture of Teri Lynn before and after she transitioned. He also says that he's taking hormones already, which Regan totally didn't know about.
  • Regan remembers how once, when she was little, a man at the mall tried to snatch her. Liam kicked and punched the man in order to save her.
  • She thinks about how Liam has always been there for her and hopes that he'll be happy someday.
  • The thought of Chris also upsets her because this whole thing just feels like terrible timing.

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