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Luna Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • The next morning at breakfast, Regan accidentally refers to Liam as a she but no one seems to notice.
  • Elise calls and asks Regan if she can come over and babysit on Saturday night, and she agrees.
  • Their dad brings up his idea to remodel the basement, and when Liam says he doesn't want it remodeled, he gets upset.
  • But Liam says he's busy and has a date with Aly over the weekend, so Dad backs off.
  • He does bring up the holes in Liam's room, though—apparently Liam has been using his school pictures as a dartboard.
  • At school Regan realizes that she has no lunch money and doesn't have anyone to sit with.
  • She has a flashback to an earlier time when her mom used to make them bologna roll-ups for lunch—even though Mom had made lunch for everyone, Dad hadn't appreciated the effort at all.
  • Aly comes up to Regan and gives her some money for lunch. Then she asks Regan if Liam has said anything about prom at all… Aly has been hoping that they'll end up going together.
  • She also asks Regan if Liam is interested in anyone else, and Regan assures her that he isn't.

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