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Luna Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • When Regan gets to her locker, Chris is waiting for her. Maybe she hasn't gotten rid of him after all (fingers crossed).
  • It turns out that he's been asking around about her and wants to know if she has a boyfriend.
  • She says no and he asks if she wants to go out on Saturday. Even though she has to babysit, Regan figures that this is her only real chance at a date, so she says yes.
  • On Thursday Regan goes to babysit for the Materas and they catch her sleeping on the couch when they get home. They give her less money than usual, but she figures that's just want she deserves.
  • When she gets home, Liam is super excited because Teri Lynn is coming into town and she wants to go shopping.
  • Regan tells him that she can't go shopping because she had a dateā€”but now she just has to babysit so she doesn't know what she should do.
  • Immediately Luna volunteers to take her place. Regan knows that Elise wouldn't be down with a strange guy in their house, so they decide that Luna will come in and take Regan's place after the Materas have left.
  • Regan also tells Luna that Aly wants to go to the prom, and Luna says that she wishes she could just go to the prom as herself.

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