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Luna Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • By the time they get to the rave, things are going full force.
  • Regan has a nonalcoholic drink and decides not to dance, which Chris enjoys since he hates dancing too.
  • They go outside and sit by a field of cows, playing silly party games and flirting.
  • Chris talks about how his dad died when he was young and Regan reveals that she doesn't think that her parents are happy together.
  • They talk about their dreams and aspirations—Chris says that he wants to be a big time sportscaster someday, and they almost kiss—but then the cops break up the party and Regan realizes that she's late in coming back to the Matera's. Gulp…
  • They book it out of there and Regan leaves her purse behind on the fence. Then they get pulled over by state patrol and Chris gets a ticket. This is all going downhill fast.
  • When she gets back to the Matera's, the door is open a crack. Uh-oh. What's going on?

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