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Luna Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • Things are not going well when Regan enters the Matera house.
  • She can hear Liam's voice pleading with David, and when she comes inside, she sees that Liam is dressed in Elise's negligee and that David is threatening him with a butcher knife.
  • Regan is definitely freaked out and begs them not to hurt Luna because she's her brother.
  • Luna takes off all the clothes and earrings that she's been trying on, and David and Elise are not pleased with what's going on—they tell Regan that she's not allowed to come back to their home anymore.
  • Regan is understandably upset and yells at Luna the whole way home. She's angry with him for destroying her employment prospects and says that she wishes he were dead.
  • When they get home Regan tells him that she wishes he had never been born and slams the door in his face.
  • The next day Regan stays in her room and is upset about how Liam has ruined her employment prospects and her big date. She also hates how she's never been able to talk to people openly without revealing Liam's big secret.
  • Liam comes into her room to apologize and asks if she'll go shopping with him. Regan is still angry, so she kicks him out, tells him to get all his makeup and girly stuff out of her room, and says that he can go shopping by himself.
  • The next time she wakes up, she can hear Liam sobbing loudly from the other room. She feels badly, but she doesn't go to him because she's still angry.

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