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Luna Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • When Regan gets home from school, Aly is already in the basement playing video games with Liam.
  • Liam tells Aly that he has to tell her something—and then he and Regan try to explain to Aly that he's transgendered.
  • She doesn't really get it, so Regan tries to explain it while Liam goes to transform into Luna.
  • Aly is understandably upset and demands to know when Liam first told Regan that he was a girl.
  • Thinking back, Regan remembers a time that their family went to the fair together—when she went back into the house, she saw a girl sitting on Mom's vanity seat putting on makeup.
  • When Liam turned around and saw her, he begged her not to tell anyone ever; he explained that he's a girl and that his name is "Lia Marie."

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