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Luna Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • Luna emerges and shows herself to Aly. At first Aly seems okay with it, but then she makes up an excuse and says that she has to go home right away.
  • Regan chases Aly out to her car, but Aly is angry with her because she kept this secret from her.
  • When Regan gets to school the next day, there's a note waiting for her in her locker—she's afraid that it's a hate note from Aly, so she just leaves it in there and doesn't open it.
  • When she gets to chemistry class, she pulls out the note and starts reading it. Inside is a message from Chris apologizing for the botched date. Wait, what?
  • In the note, he asks her to meet him at the gym during sixth period. Of course Regan immediately runs out to meet him.
  • They both apologize to each other and he gives her back her purse. Then they go into the theater costume room, where Chris proceeds to try on a flapper dress. Regan immediately feels sick.
  • Chris asks her if she even likes him, and Regan admits that she thinks they have a lot of chemistry. Then Chris asks her out again for Friday.
  • As they're leaving the gym, though, Regan sees something unexpected—Luna is out at school and being harassed by Hoyt.
  • Regan totally freaks out and runs away from Chris (again) because she's so embarrassed that he's seen Luna. Before she does though, she gives Chris the answers for chemistry class.

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