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Luna Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

  • When she gets home Regan is super upset because she feels like people will always see her as Luna's sister.
  • She's also upset with herself because she couldn't be there to protect Luna—instead of stopping Hoyt, she ran away.
  • When Luna comes into her room, she expects her to be angry, but instead Luna says that it hasn't been fair of her to expect Regan to be her support and rock all the time.
  • She says that even though Hoyt was a jerk about the whole thing, she survived and that's what matters. She knows she is strong enough to undergo her transition now.
  • They go into the bathroom so Regan can help Luna put on makeup to cover up an ugly bruise from her encounter with Hoyt, and they gossip about Chris.
  • The next day Aly comes up to Regan and gives her a bottle of men's cologne that she had bought for Liam. She says that she's having a hard time accepting the change.
  • Chris calls Regan and she's sure that he's going to cancel their date because she's been such a freak—but instead he just wants to see if they can go out on Saturday and see a movie instead. He sure is persistent.

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