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Luna Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • When Regan comes down to breakfast on Saturday morning, her mom is freaking out over some wedding planning stuff.
  • And then… without any fanfare, Luna comes down to breakfast dressed as a girl.
  • Their dad looks up from his breakfast and pretty much loses his mind when he sees Luna; their mom doesn't seem too affected by it, though.
  • Luna explains to their dad that she's a transsexual person and that she wants to change her name to Luna.
  • At first Dad thinks it's just a joke, but Luna sets him straight.
  • Their mom continues to ignore the whole situation while their dad and Luna get into a fight; Dad almost punches Luna while Regan looks on.
  • When Luna turns to leave, their dad tells her that if she walks out of the house, he doesn't want her to come back. This whole time, their mom is still on the phone doing work stuff.
  • Regan finally screams at her mom to get off the freaking phone already and address the very serious family situation that's escalated in front of her—and her mom just screams that she can't handle this right now. Oh good.
  • Regan gets a flashback to this time way back in the day when she and Liam were playing in the pool and Liam damaged his penis because he wanted to be a girl.
  • She realizes that her mom has known that Liam is trans this whole time—that's why she can hardly reacts.
  • When she thinks about how her mom always left her pills around, she wonders if she did it on purpose to induce Liam to commit suicide. The idea makes her think that her mother must be a monster.

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