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Luna Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

  • Even though Regan has her suspicions about her mother, she doesn't say anything to Luna.
  • Regan is thinking of staying home to keep an eye on Luna, but Luna tells her that she has to go out on her hot date with Chris.
  • While they're hanging out, Aly comes over and tells her happy birthday; she also says that she wants to play video games again. Looks like Aly's coming around. Yay.
  • Aly says that she doesn't know how long it will take her to get used to everything, but that she's going to try—she also says that she could give Luna some much better fashion advice than Regan.
  • At the movies with Chris, Regan is distracted and weird about everything and they decide to leave.
  • Chris asks her if she wants to talk about things and Regan is kind of cagey. He says that he has an uncle who is gay and that he's open minded and doesn't care about her brother stuff.
  • Regan says that it's not about him—all the family stuff is just wearing her down.
  • She's certain that Chris is going to give up on her, but instead he's understanding and patient and even asks her when they can go out next week.
  • When she gets home, the basement is super cleared out—it seems as if Luna's been cleaning.
  • She goes into Luna's room and finds that she's sleeping.

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