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Luna Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

  • Regan wakes up in the middle of the night to—you guessed it—her darling sister Luna.
  • Luna is already dressed and says that they need to leave in ten minutes; they sneak out of the house.
  • On her ears Luna is wearing a pair of gold half moon earrings that Regan bought her for her birthday.
  • As they drive Regan suddenly realizes that they're going to the airport—she realizes that Luna might be going away for good, and it makes her nervous.
  • They get to the gate and Luna gets turned away because she doesn't match her driver's license photo. She has to change clothes so that she can board the plane.
  • Regan tries to stop her, but Luna says she's going to Seattle to stay with Teri Lynn and start her life as a woman. She also explains that she's going to start transitioning for real and is planning on seeing a doctor out there.
  • It turns out that this whole time Luna's been taking their mom's estrogen pills. Turns out that their mom wasn't trying to kill Luna at all—she was trying to help her surreptitiously.
  • Apparently their mom has always known about Luna being transgender and she told Luna not to tell anyone about it. She also gave Luna a tapestry bag for her fourteenth birthday.
  • Regan starts crying and asks Luna to take her with her, but Luna says that she has to live her own life. Now that Luna's leaving, Regan can really have her own life and stop worrying about hiding in her sister's shadow.
  • She also gives Regan her car and tells her that she'll always be there for her. She says that she has always been jealous of Regan because Regan is the girl that she wants to be.
  • When Luna leaves, Regan realizes that she'll never see her brother Liam again. But she is at peace with the idea because she knows that Luna is finally happy.

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