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Luna Chapter 3

By Julie Anne Peters

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Chapter 3

  • Regan is pretty irritated that Liam took off without her, especially since it's freezing cold out today. She starts remembering Liam's ninth birthday party again.
  • At the party the cake was half football themed and half ballerina themed. Liam asked for the ballerina on the girly side of the cake.
  • Aly gets all sorts of pretty girly things, while Liam gets a basketball hoop and a scooter—so then Liam gets upset because he wants the bra and Prom Barbie he asked for.
  • Liam keeps asking for the bra and the Barbie, and his dad grabs him and pulls him away because he's upset and wants to have a serious talk with him.
  • Afterward Aly tells Regan that Liam's so funny and that she's going to marry him. Regan doesn't know how to tell Aly that she's terribly wrong.
  • The car screeches back in front of the house—Liam's come back to give Regan a ride.
  • In the car Liam is super upset and talks about how he needs to kill himself—which makes Regan pretty upset and she tells him that it's going to be okay.
  • They stop for coffee and Liam watches a kid walking with his mom; he says that the kid will probably grow up to make his father proud.
  • Liam tells Regan that he needs to let his true self out—that he's tired of being Liam all the time. He needs to let Luna shine.
  • Regan doesn't really get what he means when he says that he needs to transition, so she just says that she gets it. Then she reminds Liam that she needs to get back to school, since she actually has to still pass her classes.
  • They stop by Walmart on the way so that Regan can run in to buy Liam some new ladies' underwear—annoyingly enough (to Regan), he wears a smaller size than her.

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