Study Guide

Luna Chapter 4

By Julie Anne Peters

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Chapter 4

  • Our girl Regan is not a fan of high school—and by not a fan we mean she absolutely hates it and doesn't really have friends outside of Liam and Aly.
  • She goes to her fifth period chemistry class, taught by the not-so-friendly Mr. Bruchac.
  • Regan's been dreading working in lab because she knows she'll have to pick a partner to work with, and she definitely doesn't want to work with Hoyt Doucet—he has picked on Liam since forever.
  • She's fully prepared for Hoyt to ask her to work with him, but instead a really cute boy taps her on the shoulder. What dream did this stallion gallop out from?
  • The boy's name is Chris and he's new at the school. He kind of flirts with Regan and she gets pretty awkward in response—she totally doesn't get how to deal with it.
  • Awkward times ensue as Regan struggles to find things to say to Chris during the course of the period and also accidentally hits him with a drawer.
  • They make little jokes and talk about pipettes—you know, the usual chem class flirtation fodder.
  • Bruchac calls them out for flirting and Chris says that he puts him at pretty high on the A.B.S. scale—a.k.a. the Asshole Behavior Scale.

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