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Luna Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • When she gets home from school Regan goes down into Liam's basement area, which is rigged with a silent alarm. Can you say paranoid?
  • Aly is over playing video games with Liam. Liam actually has a job as a game tester to find and report bugs to a big video game company.
  • They are playing a video game that Liam wrote. What a wiz kid, right?
  • There are two girls downstairs who are there to buy a PC from Liam, since apparently he also builds computers in his spare time and sells them to people.
  • Regan goes upstairs to chill for an hour before her babysitting gig that night. She puts in her Carmen CD.
  • Carmen was her best friend when she was in the sixth grade… but not anymore.
  • One night Regan had a slumber party with a bunch of the other girls in her grade and they started playing party games. Liam insisted on joining and then decided that he wanted to do his fingernails like the rest of them. Regan started to get pretty nervous about the whole thing, and then Liam started dancing with them to a Madonna CD—everyone started to laugh and ask Regan what the deal is with her brother.
  • Carmen asked Regan what the deal is too, and told her that they're best friends and shouldn't have secrets from each other. But Regan couldn't tell her, and so they stopped being friends.

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