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Luna Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • The next day Regan's all excited for school—she even brushes her hair and puts on a skirt, which is unheard of.
  • At breakfast Liam watches their mother move; he's really into watching girls and women and mimicking how they act.
  • He starts telling Mom that she looks stunning, and even tells Regan that she looks really nice. Everyone at the table gets pretty uncomfortable, and Mom gets outright snappy at him.
  • Liam turns to Dad and tells him that he's going to start on a weight-training program with Coach Hewitt, which shocks everyone.
  • The kids scramble off to school and Liam explains that he was just trying to test the waters, and that their parents didn't seem too receptive.
  • Regan talks about how their mom hardly pays attention now that she has her wedding planning business, but Liam defends her and says that their mom needed to engineer her own fate in order to be fulfilled.

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